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hp05_quidpitch's Journal

Harry Potter Trivia and Contests
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All Members , Moderated
This subcommunity hosts Harry Potter trivia, contests and other point gathering activities.

The rules are simple:

1. All members are free to join the community. The membership is open and not moderated.
2. Try and be as active as possible to earn not only House points but points for yourself.
3. If you have an idea for an activity PLEASE feel free to share it by making a post suggesting it. If you know how, you'll get to run it yourself if you'd like.
4. Links to all current activities will be located on this page so that you can easily take part without having to search through the entries.
5. Please, NO SPOILERS about the upcoming book. People will read it at different paces so try and respect those members who won't have it read in 24 hours.
6. Just HAVE FUN! This is Harry Potter after all, and we're here because we're fans.