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Harry Potter Trivia and Contests' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Harry Potter Trivia and Contests

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Quidditch Trivia [07 Sep 2005|09:55am]

Hello. I have permission to post this student activity.

Quidditch TriviaCollapse )

if you recieve full points you can earn up to 31 points for your House and yourself (26 for the correct answers and 5 just for participating). Thank you and have fun.
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[05 Sep 2005|11:53pm]

You also have until next monday to do this one. Then I will post a new one.

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Quiz time [05 Sep 2005|11:51pm]

EDIT: only one question was missed a lot. That is why is Hermoine's patronus interesting?

The answer: because Rowling said that if she had a patronus, it would be an otter, just like Hermoine's.

I've tried to give you guys hard ones, so each will be worth 5 points. You have until next monday to do it.

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Activity Number 2 - A Scavenger Hunt [15 Jul 2005|08:12am]
Poor Neville has lost his Remembrall and has been more forgetful than usual lately. He's lost a bunch of items and needs you to locate them for him. ;-) To do the Scavenger Hunt, simply post a picture of items on the list. Every item you post is worth 2 points. You have ten items on the list so you can earn up to 20 points. If you get all 10, you'll also get a 10 point bonus, thusly earning 30 points for you and your house! Also, there's a 20 POINT BONUS ITEM. So, you can earn up to 50 big points for you and your house if you post a picture of everything. Get cracking!! If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Scavenger Hunt ListCollapse )
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Quiz Results [14 Jul 2005|10:27am]
The first Harry Potter Trivia Quiz in the Quidditch Pitch is now over. I've unsealed the comments so everyone can see all the participants and their answers. You all did very well for the most part so I can tell we have some real Potter fans here.

Anyway, the winner was _j_e_s_s_i_ from Gryffindor. (Yay! That's my house! sorry-haha) 40 points for Gryffindor (30 for winning and 10 for participating).

Two other members got the correct answers but since they were submitted after Jessica's were Jessica ended up winning. However, with the book coming out so soon I'm in a giving mood so lost_n_dreams06 and rarity will get the 10 for participating (and getting more than 3 correct) plus a bonus of 10 for also getting the correct answers which gives them a total of 20!

A new activity will be up in the Quid Pitch today or tomorrow so check back!!
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First Trivia Quiz [06 Jul 2005|04:42pm]
Test your Harry Potter knowledge with the quiz behind the LJ cut. The member who gets the most correct answers earns 30 points for their house and for themself. If there is a tie, the person who posted first gets the points. Everyone who enters and gets at least three questions correct gets 10 points for themself and their house.

Simply copy the questions and paste them in as a comment to this post with your answers included. The comments are screened so nobody can see other people's answers.

Have fun and good luck!

test your knowledgeCollapse )
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