Stephanie (_libero) wrote in hp05_quidpitch,

Quiz Results

The first Harry Potter Trivia Quiz in the Quidditch Pitch is now over. I've unsealed the comments so everyone can see all the participants and their answers. You all did very well for the most part so I can tell we have some real Potter fans here.

Anyway, the winner was _j_e_s_s_i_ from Gryffindor. (Yay! That's my house! sorry-haha) 40 points for Gryffindor (30 for winning and 10 for participating).

Two other members got the correct answers but since they were submitted after Jessica's were Jessica ended up winning. However, with the book coming out so soon I'm in a giving mood so lost_n_dreams06 and rarity will get the 10 for participating (and getting more than 3 correct) plus a bonus of 10 for also getting the correct answers which gives them a total of 20!

A new activity will be up in the Quid Pitch today or tomorrow so check back!!
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so what are the answers?
Just check out _j_e_s_s_i_'s answers since she got them all right. I should've mentioned that I guess. Sorry.