Emi Cordill (mistressemi) wrote in hp05_quidpitch,
Emi Cordill

You also have until next monday to do this one. Then I will post a new one.

1. Peeves
2. Fleur Delacour
3. Crookshanks
4. Dragon
5. Marauder's map
6. Harry's patronus
7. Sirius in animagus form
8. Fawkes
9. Buckbeak
10. Voldemort

BONUS (woth 5 points): The collectors cover of HBP.
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1. Peeves

2. Fleur Delacour

3. Crookshanks

4. Dragon

5. Murander's Map

6. Harry's patronus

7. Sirius in animagus form

8. Fawkes

9. Buckbeak

10. Voldemort

Bonus: collectors cover of HBP

I want to help this community/these communities become more active, is there any way, apart from participating in the activities like this one, that I can?

Jess -- Hufflepuff
you can make up activities and post them for students. you can teach a class (if we have any openings but i haven't seen many lessons recently). it's up to you really. the activities are held here in hp05_quidpitch. we really could use someone to make a list of what students are in which house and post them on the members page (which is still blank). comment back if interested in anything.

Steph//Dep. Headmistress
to be honest, I'll do anything (I do work a full-time job, but other then/than [for some reason I'm blanking on which is supposed to be there] I have no life except the internet, because right now I don't want to go out and do stuff.) I'll work on the list for the member's page right away. but since I'm only a student, as of now, can I actually think of activities/post them? I really want to still be able to partcipate in the lessons, if they ever get posted mind you, but if you need me to teach a class and have an opening just let me know.
Yes, you can still post activities. Just do them here or in the Quidditch Pitch. What we might be able to do is look at it as a student activity, and still give out points.
I have a question, when it comes to voting on an application, can a student vote (obvisiously the headmistress/dep. headmistress makes the final stamp) or does the person have to be a professor?
Everyone votes on applications. It's a way for students to earn points. So go vote on the ones that haven't been stamped.
you can indeed post activities if you want to. as you can see we've done trivia and scavenger hunts in there so far. if you have some ideas feel free to post them. set a point total for winning/completing the activity (usually no more than 50, so nothing outrageous) and give some for simply taking part also. if it's something like a trivia contest where you don't want members to see each others answers remember to screen the comments.

i'm starting med school tomorrow at penn so i'm thinking i'm going to be busy and not have tons of time for LJ. i already have a couple of comms that i'd like to remain active in so if you do a good job you can just have the job of the "gameskeeper." haha

anyway, why don't you comment back with some ideas or even with a sample activity that you'd like to run and if i like it you'll have the green light to post it. i'll add you as a maintainer to the hp05_quidpitch community and you'll be a staff member then. i'd really like to see this whole community succeed so if we have people out there who really would like to be active i think it's great to allow them to have more of a role in the comm.
actually I have just three ideas, as of now.

(one) Quidditch trivia. seeing that this is the "Quidditch Pitch" of the community/communities, I was thinking we should do a trivia challenge on just Quidditch and not easy questions like "What are the names of the three balls?" but questions like "What position did James Potter play?" or "Where does the name 'Quidditch' come from?" I, personally, could probably come up with about five or ten questions about it.

(two) why not do some kind of icon making challenge? the art class is dead. I think, if I recall correctly, there was only about one assignment. some HP-fantics, like me, make icons for HP just for fun. so why can't someone post rules for an icon (example: shipper icons: any ship. must haves: lyrics (but no specific ones). red&black. theme: betryal.) you get the idea. if it it's posted HERE instead of the art classroom, it's at least something to try to make the community active.

(three) Quotes challenge. Someone could post a quote (something someone had said in dialogue perferably) from the book (perferablly not well-known) like "it was definately a curse that killed her -- probably the Transmogrifian Torture -- I've seen it used many times, so unlucky I wasn't there. I know the very countercurse that would have saved her." and they would get pionts (like two points each) or answering who said it (Gilderoy Lockheart) and from what book (COS).

Now that I've iserted my foot in my mouth so to speak, I shall leave you. Don't worry I won't offended/mad if you don't like my ideas. they are just ideas. and made up quickly at that.

I would gladly become a maintainer for the quidpitch if you need me/want me to. I wouldn't gladly do anything really. right now I'm actually waiting to start school in the spring and just work a full-time job so I have free time. too much free time.

by the way, if you don't mind me asking, what are you going to med school to study? I know "medicine," but what I mean is are you trying to study to be a doctor, nurse, surgeon, ect.?
I've actually been working on getting an art contest ready. As for the quidditch thing, if you can make the questions, then post it. I'll give you 20 points for making the activity.

The quote one sounds interesting. I may have to go quote hunting tonight.
i'm going to be a vet actually. i thought about other fields but i love animals so that's what i chose and penn has a great school of veterinary medicine program. i have a scholarship to go there too (i qualified for it as a scholar/athlete since i played volleyball at Duke University)

moving on. your ideas are fantastic. i like all of them. icon challenges are always fun. i like the quotes contest but maybe it can be more than one quote. make it like ten quotes to give members a chance to get a couple of easier ones. haha i like the quidditch one too (i have the little book that JKR came out with for charity about quidditch and the magical beasts one; they're so cute). so, post whichever one you want. i'd really like to see some participation in it so post it both in the quidpitch and then on the community's main page telling the members to go to the quidpitch and take part. i'll give you maintainer status right now.

thanks a bunch. maybe we can get some activity around here. :D
I can post both if you like. I have alot of time tonight and tomorrow (my two days off) so I can work on getting on the info and the correct info at that and then post it. I'll do one in a time. and I'll make sure I post on the main page to point the members to the new... challenges/activies.

about the quotes challenge, I was thinking that one person can start it, like me or you or someone, and then the person who answers the quote correctly first gets to put up the next quote. that way the orginal person can have a chance at earning points for their house too. I guess you could say my idea is like the old games on myspace and message boards.
by the way, don't forget to let me know weather you want me to post the member list I put together today or post in here so someone else can since I still don't have access to posting on hp05_members.

it doesn't really matter to me which way.
You can give it to us here, if you wish
alright. I made the list using the members listed in each House's common room communties' infopage if that makes sense. I also made sure I added who needed to be stamped/sorted. but I didn't include who was a professor who who was a student or any of that detail, but if you need it let me know and I will.

Gryffindor Members (8)
_j_e_s_s_i_ *
_libero *
bagofbagels *
jewelles2 *
meangurrl *
mistressemi *

Hufflepuff Members (9)
a58hobbit *
briton_k *
forgetablelove *
lady_ness *
southern_qt_4 *
wolfmoon123 *

Ravenclaw Members (9)
______novocaine *
babyhalo19 *
danii_ellie *
jorghes *
mab8merlin *

Slytherin Members (3)
joy2theworld88 *

Needs Sorted/Stamped
let me give you maintainer status for hp05_members then too. there isn't a layout for it. do you want to do it? it just can be something simple. i envisioned each member sorted by house with the point totals that they have listed beside them.

on the other matter, post whichever contest you want to do first. i'd recommend allowing a couple of weeks for the icon contest so people can try and come up with some nice ones. i like themed contests so pick an icon theme maybe and post the contest. then do either the quote contest or the quidditch one too.

anyway, i'll give you maintainer status to the members page now.

I would love to make a layout for the member's page. I can also revamp the list to include what you want. but I'm going to put the skeleton of a list I have created already up for now and just update as I gather the info, that way something is there. But give me time on the revamped list since I want it to be accurate and thorough, but it shall be done.
i forgot that i did a layout for the members page. haha if you want, feel free to change it though.
Do you have any control over the members comm, Steph? I don't think I do.
yes i do. i created the community and i gave maintainer status to you and "forgetablelove." i see she's already updated the page so that's cool. all three of us have access to it.
23 points to Hufflepuff